Taking Care of Tradies - "Less Stress and More Profits"
Taking Care of Tradies is focused on providing a
Friendly and Professional Secretarial service
specifically for Tradesmen.

Unlike a Telephone Answering Service, Serviced Office or Virtual Office, we like to get up close and personal with your business in an effort to provide you with a service that will;

  •  take the STRESS out of your working day
  •  and Increase your Profits


How much time do you spend each day answering and returning phone calls and doing paperwork each day?

A couple of hours or maybe more?

If you could spend that valuable time each day servicing more customers it would allow you to increase your profits.

Our rates start from as little as $1.50 per hour which means that using our services will not eat into
your profits at all.

It is as good as having your own secretary, but cheaper, more flexible and fully tax deductible.

Your Customers.....

Both your existing and potential customers will benefit from our services because they will always have a person on the end of the phone to talk to.

Someone who can help with their enquiry, book in a job
or just leave a message with.

We will do everything we can to make sure that your customers will feel happy and satisfied after
dealing with us.

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