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Our tailored marketing solutions are designed to help more customers connect with you, giving you a consistent and steady stream of enquiries from Port Macquarie locals. 

Save $500 On Your Choice Of Digital Marketing Services With Us. From Websites, Local SEO And Google Ads. We Have What You Need At A Price You Can Afford.

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Google Business Partner Google Ads For Tradies
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Increase the visibility of your business in the Port Macquarie area with our exclusive local offer!

Welcome to TradiesBiz, your local Port Macquarie digital marketing agency. 

Our team understands that as a local business, knowing what to do when it comes to digital marketing isn’t always easy. You need to focus on delivering quality work and service. This doesn’t leave much time to learn all the digital marketing tricks that ensure your business is easy to find and that you are always connecting with new customers.

This is where we can help!

Our team has extensive experience in utilising Digital Marketing to help Tradies and Service based businesses increase their visibility and attract more customers in the Port Macquarie area.

Let us help you connect with more customers online so you can keep your business moving 

Jay Coffs Harbour Digitla Marketing

Meet Jay, your local Port Macquarie Digital Marketing Specialist.

Jay has been a local around Port Macquarie for many years. After running businesses of his own, Jay. shifted his focus to helping other businesses through his in depth knowledge of the Digital Marketing world.

Jay and his team have helped many businesses across Australia and beyond. These days, Jay is looking to leverage all his knowledge and experience to help local Port Macquarie businesses enjoy the success they deserve.

When he isn’t running successful marketing campaigns, like many locals, you will find Jay out on the water either fishing or spearfishing, or soaking up the sunshine with his family at one of their favourite local beaches.

So, if you are in Port Macquarie and would like to chat more with Jay about our services, click the link below to book in FREE 30 Minute Call to discuss what it takes to keep your phone ringing with new customers.

Our local Port Macquarie digital marketing services

Google Ads in Port Macquarie

Increase your online visibility in Port Macquarie through local Google Ads. With our targeted campaigns that focus on local search terms specific to your trade/service. No more wasting money advertising to areas you don’t service!

Facebook & Instagram in Port Macquarie

Reach a wider audience and generate more leads with targeted ad campaigns to the Port Macquarie area. We use these campaigns to effectively showcase your services and attract the right customers to your business. 

Local SEO for Port Macquarie

Leverage the latest SEO techniques to climb the search engine rankings, helping you to connect with more Port Macquarie customers and build a strong local reputation.

Local Websites for Port Macquarie

A professional, user-friendly website is an essential tool to showcase your skills and services properly. Our custom websites help tradies reach their target audience and stand out in a competitive online landscape. 

Why Work With Us?

Deal directly with us

When you work with TradiesBiz, you speak directly with the people who work on your digital marketing. Whether in person in Coffs Harbour or on the phone, we become an extension of your team!

We don't want your money going to waste

Too often we see local trades and service based businesses having their hard earned cash wasted on ineffective digital marketing campaigns, targeting the wrong areas. Our reporting will give you the confidence your marketing dollars are well spent.

No B.S.

We keep our communication straight to the point so your not left wondering if your digital marketing is actually working or not. Through clear reporting and conversation, you won't be left scratching your head.

We've got runs on the board

We have been running digital marketing across many platforms for many tradies and service based businesses in Coffs Harbour and beyond for years. When it comes to spending your hard earned $$ on digital marketing, experience and local knowledge always counts!

Client Testimonials

Tradies Biz was able to really use the Facebook advertising platform to really benefit us in ways we haven't even seen before.
Dan - DK Stainless
5/5 - Dedicated account rep, personal service and great understanding of our business goals, excellent response record and always willing to update our content.
Jess - Sovereign Hills, Lewis Land Group
Last year from Jan to Feb we did 61 courses, this year we did 119, basically double the amount.
Jerry - Awesome Driving School

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